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Brand Strategy, Technology & Marketing Strategy, Technology Solution Selection, Website Design & Development, Web Application Module Development, Business Process Optimization, Data Integration, CRM Configuration, Fundraising Reporting & Analytics

It’s hard to express enough gratitude for all the work that Liz Larsen and Carol Morrow did to help us with our website, marketing, and technology needs.  Our organization struggled constantly with website glitches and technology problems that were so unrelenting and deep-seated that they threatened the ability of the organization to meet its mission. These constant problems also created big morale issues, as members of our organization struggled with hours of unexpected work trying to untangle messes created by malfunctioning technology. Having IndigoEleven step in to help was a God-send.  With fresh ideas and a deep mastery of the latest web technologies, and a readiness to tackle any issues we presented to them, IndigoEleven rebuilt our entire website and other related web applications from the ground up within a matter of weeks. IndigoEleven is not only meticulous in their design work – they also work to ensure that the websites that they create are structured so that they can be readily maintained without breaking the bank. The solution that they built for us was truly transformative – replacing something that was extremely expensive and challenging to support with something elegant, simple and cost-effective. Equally important, their expertise in branding and extensive knowledge of marketing trends and techniques results in extremely appealing and visually compelling website layouts and designs, along with messaging that has really helped us to connect with our audience. I would enthusiastically recommend IndigoEleven to anyone looking for creative, responsive and expert services for their marketing and technology needs. 

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