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Transition Lessons From Chicago’s Transit Upheaval

Liz Larsen on Change Management

The Windy City shut down a main train line for renovations to much uproar. What can this–and other sizable civic projects–teach your business about managing long-term, mission critical improvements?

How To Move Beyond The Blame Game And Uncover Why Projects Fail

Liz Larsen on Project Management

Throughout the recession, “do more with less” projects proliferated–and failed. Systems dynamics, a modeling technique out of MIT, exposes the underlying flaws in that approach; here’s how to use it to salvage your current project, or guarantee that your next one’s a success.

Apple Maps And The Danger Of Overestimating Your Company’s Strengths

Liz Larsen on Outsourcing

The recent Apple maps debacle reminds us that mission-critical decisions–when made out of haste or hubris–can be enough to put brand reputation and loyalty at stake.

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