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IndigoEleven arose out of shared passion and the discovery that, in the right situation, the value of “1+1” is far greater than 2. Founded by two consultants from Boston, an ‘aha!’ moment during a joint project inspired a vision for a partnership that would leverage their combined expertise in marketing and technology to deliver an unmatched client experience.


Working together, we would become an exponentially stronger team, with the ability to offer an unparalleled level of service to our clients. 


By uniting the forces of compelling marketing strategies, awesomely smart technology, and an incomparable commitment to the client experience, we will unearth your untapped potential and lead you to your next level of growth.

The possibilities are limitless.

Transcend Your Mission.

With over 50 years of combined experience in marketing, technology, and management consulting, and a consistent track record of delivering exceptional results, we are able to offer the highest level of expertise and service to our clients. From strategy through implementation we do it all  allowing us to drive the biggest impact for start-up companies, non-profits and evolving enterprises.

Brilliant creatives. Awesomely smart technology. 
Unmatched client experience.


Carol Almeda Morrow

Carol Almeda Morrow leverages over 25 years of experience to lead growth-driving marketing and communication strategy initiatives for her clients. She specializes in developing brand identity, cultivating opportunities in new and existing market segments, positioning, and competitive differentiation.

A passionate fundraiser at heart, Carol has led and served the fundraising efforts for several charitable organizations, which have raised nearly $15 million in aggregate. Specific to her work in the non-profit sector, Carol possesses a depth of knowledge and experience in formulating powerful marketing strategies, as well as in designing and driving a wide range of integrated donor-centric marketing campaigns that better engage target audiences.


Carol currently serves in multiple leadership and board capacities, both regionally and locally. She was formerly a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting and Morningstar Consulting Group.


Carol received her MBA in Economics and Marketing Strategy from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and her BA in Organization Psychology from the University of Michigan. 

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